‘Pen and Ink’ by Bhaskar Lahiri

Posted by Staffreporter  |  17. April 2009

Bhaskar Lahiri’s exhibition ‘Pen and Ink’ looks at different schools of Indian philosophical thoughts and also religion. Read on to know more about his exhibition currently on at Ganges Art Lounge

The exhibition Pen & Ink is an attempt to focus on the remarkable drawings of Bhaskar Lahiri, who received two very important awards in two consecutive years -The Birla Academy Award in 2008 and the Academy of Fine Arts Award in 2009.

The exhibition revolves around characters from ancient literature, mythology and religion. But although the context is ancient and the artist has been influenced by ancient architecture in the treatment of form, compositions on the whole are quite modern. This is well reflected in the reclining form of the ancient Nayika in Dreamgirl II, or in the torso of Krishna which seems to be hewn out of a slab of stone. An intense amount of painstaking work has gone into the Lotus Pond Series. The way the artist has treated the half-submerged lotus leaves and fish in contrast with the blooming lotus flowers, the way he has segregated the earth, sky and water in The Lotus Pond – Radha is truly remarkable.

Lahiri has also relied heavily on rasa or eroticism to produce intensity and seriousness in these drawings. He brings out this emotional quotient through prominent and symbolic physical details in the architectural figures. Lines, in a lot of paintings double lines, repetitive elements, patterns and detailed ornamentation along with painstaking and precise shading, texturing, hatching and cross-hatching shows the scale of Bhaskar Lahiri’s expertise in creating remarkable drawings of a serious nature which are a blend of the ancient and the modern.

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