Prasad Bidapa gets Fresh

Posted by sahar_adil  |  08. May 2009

The Freshest faces to hit the modeling scene are now ready to be launched on the 10th of May at the ITC Windsor Manor by Prasad Bidapa at the Model Hunt Show ‘09. The name that has launched many models, spoke to us at a workshop for the models as they were prepped for the finale.

Its that time of the year again. Prasad Bidapa’s new model hunt on the 10th of May on Sunday at the ITC Windsor Manor at the Model Hunt Show ‘09. The event is being hosted by Prasad Bidapa Associates being styled by Salon Squeeze and will be rolling 30 of Bangalore’s freshest-newest faces.  The event will be judged by people from within the fashion industry. We caught up with the models and Prasad, as they were prepped, critiqued as well as grilled on what they ate and if they were exercising regularly.

Prasad Bidapa, “These models are in the nascent stages of their career and it‘ll take them atleast a year of work before they get anywhere, and in this time they go through an intense period of grooming. The Model Hunt Show gives them a good platform and the workshops are a great space to see who has the quality to stay.” Prasad is clear when he says the road to success is tough, “In the first year the models make almost nothing., after which they are then given a few more shows where they are intensely trained. And if they have the spark in 3 years they can establish quite well. “

Prasad Bidapa spoke on his brand that has proved itself time in again. “Today in Bombay you will see more than 20 models working in the industry that are all out of Bangalore. So choreographers like Mark Robinson, Allison Kanuga, Lubna Adams, Hemant Trivedi know that once a model has been trained by us, we know they will take us seriously. So many of the models have been fast tracked in Bombay because of the good reputation our brand brings. “
When I asked Prasad if the models moving to Bombay was affecting the fashion scene in Bangalore, he plainly said that Bangalore, like Delhi was a great starter market. ” Bombay has the main work, where the models are put through the process of print media, ramp work, possibly then into television and girls like Anushka Sharma then make there way into film, which quite honestly is the ultimate goal.”

We caught up with the models inbeing primed for the event finale on the 10th of May, ’09. The models have been in training for the last I month and on this particular workshop they were all asked to come in their workout gear.   One of the models Karan said, “we are being groomed by senior models, given tips on how to keep yourself not just looking good, but also how to stay fit.”

Another model Amit Sharma said, “we are being trained on how to talk to the media, the importance of networking in the industry and of course working on how to look good. I have been looking forward to getting involved in the Prasad Bidapa project; it would be good for my career.” Rose Mathews was excited by the event, “ of course I am here to win.”

There were incessant rounds of models walking, practicing their ramp walk. Prasad was there along with Zoheb and Archana AK who were pushing the models to check their walk, their stance, the way they held their arms, and if they don’t stick out their chins enough.

What was special about the workshop over the weekend was Surya from Nrutarutya who was there to train the models in some dance workout steps. Prasad says, “the models have beautiful faces but they are sometimes are not comfortable in their bodies; dance allows them to loosen up, become more conscious about their form. I feel it will help them have better poise on the ramp.” Surya pushed them through the routine, pushing their bodies to move gracefully while maintain form. Some of the models did break a sweat as they tried not to look too clumsy.

The atmosphere at the workshop was quite charged with enthusiasm the finale on the 10th at the ITC Windsor Manor Sheraton. The new faces will be launched and judged on not just the Best Model Male and Female, but they will also be judged on Most Photogenic, Best Smile, Fresh Face, Walk, Hair and Body.

Zoheb, another Bangalore model who was discovered by Prasad, and is now a popular name in the industry is and is working with Prasad to get the models to look almost like professionals on the finale, “ Prasad Bidapa associates and he is definitely the best in the business. He has an eye for talent Bangalore and Bangalore has always been great in producing who are now big names in the industry. “

As a final message about the show as well as seeing his models become big name sin the industry Prasad says, “It makes me feel very good. I like that these kids have made it and I am pleased to be part of their success.

So as the models prep for the finale, and the prizes and goodies being supplied by the host venue ITC Windsor Manor, we’ll just wait until the weekend and bring you action with lots of pictures and reactions from the Models as well as the Judges.

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