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Flipping through the reading culture of Bangalore, Debolina Sengupta finds out how books are still in the veins of tech-savvy city youth.

A cultural blend
Blossoms, Higginbottoms, Crosswords, Odyssey, Oxford, Gangaram’s, Landmark. Reminds you of books, doesn’t it? These book stores have gone beyond any conventional definition. They have become a cultural blend of literature and relaxation. Old, new, fiction, non-fiction, stationary, magazines, you get it all as soon as you step into one. Every bookshop in Bangalore has a story to tell, be it the old building of Higginbottoms or the discounts at Blossoms. One thing these shops do promise you - they have all the books. And even if they don’t, be assured they will get it for you and update their database.

Books stores are not just shops in Bangalore - they are a hang out zones and places to relax and unwind. The city’s reading culture is exactly what Crosswords, Oxford and Reliance Timeout are using to lure customers. Readers can relax and sit on couches and read for hours - no one disturbs. Coffee shops connected to these stores take advantage of the populace’s addiction to caffeine, making reading a complete experience. And then, if you want to buy the book, you can go for the attractive prices they offer. Reliance Timeout also has an innovative Karaoke section where customers can sing along with their favourite song and record it in a professional studio. As the name suggests, Reliance Timeout is the perfect place for a time out from the hectic schedule of daily life.


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