Revival of knowledge

Interest is taking precedence over job assurance as courses which were favourites a decade ago are back in demand.

Most of our parents have a degree in courses which are considered obsolete today. But philosophy, history and sociology have found flavour among Gen-X too as a gradually increasing number of youngsters are daring to take up courses for thirst of knowledge rather than assure themselves of well-paying jobs. 

It is mostly Arts courses which fall under this category as the stream had nearly lost respect after being labelled as something meant for those who cannot do math or science. Today, even those who top schools and colleges opt for it. School topper Vinitha has taken up a history course in her under-graduation and wants to do something related to archeology in future.

Psychology has been successful in drawing a sizeable number of students despite a fairly long period of study as new branches like industrial and sports psychology are gaining popularity. Literature too is finding a number of takers these days. 

Sciences courses had also lost steam after the boom in the IT and BPO industries as more and more people chose engineering and commerce courses over it. But most good universities have had a regular inflow of students who go on to specialize in subjects like bio-chemistry and bio-tech. 

While diploma courses are known as a short-cut to jobs, some people still prefer the long way which explains the reason why a large chunk pursues a post-graduation and even a PhD.

Research subjects have never been sought after in India owing to the lack of good institutes for study. However, those interested either go abroad or try their luck in the few premiere institutes in the country.

Whatever the reason, it is good to see knowledge win over material factors as students are moving out of the medicine-management-engineering triangle to explore other avenues.
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