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Rock Ethos – promoting original Indian music!

Two days of pure original music is what’s on offer for this year’s Rock Ethos 2009. Twenty bands, plenty of entertainment and nonstop fun is what this Buenos event promises to be.

Summer is almost here and a perfect reason for Bangaloreans to let their hair down this weekend comes in the form of Rock Ethos 2009. This first ever Indian metal fest to feature original rock music of Bangalore has been unanimously hailed as India's Woodstock though the organizers beg to differ. Speaking to MyBangalore Arpan Peter, band coordinator for Buenos said the event should not be compared to Woodstock as Rock Ethos is in a league of its own.

‘Rock Ethos happened on the February 10th last year. It was held for just a day and the reason we are having it again is because of the tremendous response we received. Last year’s event saw a floating crowd of 15,000 people and at any given time there were easily 7,000 – 8,000 people’ adds Arpan. Organised by Raj Hosange (Bunoes) and Vishnu Pandit of V&P Sounds, the central idea of organizing Rock Ethos was to give upcoming bands a platform to play original Indian rock and metal.

Spread over two days this year’s Rock Ethos will feature bands such as Bhoomi, Myndsnare, Kryptos, Threinody, Extinct Reflections, Inviktus, Spitfire, Illuminati, Galeej Gurus, Slain, Whitenoiz and Inner Sanctum. ‘Last year had 13 bands playing during the ten hour during the one day event, but this year will see 20 bands performing. Bands like Bhayanak Maut, Infernal Wrath and Divine Connection who are not based in the city will be playing for the first time in Rock Ethos.’ As an event Rock Ethos was started to promote mainly city bands but this year there are bands from other states slated to rock the city. ‘Our last year’s event was such a hit that we had bands from Sri Lankha and Bangaldesh applying as well to play at Rock Ethos’ says Arpan.

With many professional and amateur bands in India, how did the organizers shortlist the final 20 for Rock Ethos? ‘We looked at how interested the bands applying were in playing for Rock Ethos. More than us wanting to have them play for us, it’s more important to know how keen the band is. A lot applied and took it easy and didn’t take it further and we are talking about a lot of well known bands.’ says Arpan highlighting the selection criteria of the bands for Rock Ethos.

The event also promises more for the average Bangalorean as there is a  carnival of sorts with entertainment like Bungee Jumping, Paintball Arena, Tattoo Studio, Gaming Zone as well as a Motor Treasure Hunt ‘HUDUKU’ to be flagged off from the venue on 15th March. For the foodies there is a full-fledged multi-cuisine ‘Food Fest.’ So if you’re already excited about spending your weekend at Rock Ethos, don’t worry about passes as this is a ‘Free Event’. ‘The best things in life are free and music is one of them, the entry was free last year and it’s the same this year’ signs off Arpan.
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