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Savories at Savoury

With too many people around you while you step in and many more when you seat yourself to savor the savories, the experience at Savoury on Mosque Road is one that you wouldn’t like to forget in a while. Though reminiscent of a typical fast food joint, this eatery gives you more than what you expect. However, the ambience is not good enough to hold you back for a long time. But looking at the brighter side of things, it’s just what you would like on an evening out with close buddies or even family. The food is obviously the winner here with Indian, Chinese and even Arabian items making their way into the menu card. I had a mind to get what I want at 90 rupees and yes I did have my way with a cheese roll, a chicken roll and a plate of egg burji (you might want to refer to this as scrambled eggs). While the cheese roll came at 20 rupees and the chicken roll at 30, the burji cost a little more at 40. The rolls were yum with molten cheese and tasty chicken making the filling. The burji, though, could have been better without all that extra salt! But yes, you do get your money’s worth here especially if it’s a Shawrma roll you’re hogging on. Something else that can have your tummy gnawing with hunger is the Hummus they serve. In short, go to Savoury simply to have a bite of their Arabic specialties. I’m sure you won’t be disappointed.

56, Mosque Road,
Frazer Town, Bangalore-05
Tel: 41487066, 25490736


Food - 3/5
Ambience - 2/5

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