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Soak up the 'Wine'

The perfect way close the festive season is with a “Wine Therapy" Spa Treatment.
If getting beautiful is on your resolution list this New Year, we suggest you head to White Mantra Spa & Salon for their 'Wine Therapy'. On offer all this month is 'Wine Therapy. This is a unique initiative by the spa where you can soak in a bathtub full of crushed grape fruit and grape wine and be caressed with grape extracts. This is topped off with a grape seed oil massage.  

Wine was discovered in 6000 BC and since then apart from being a beverage for the elite, it's anti-oxidant and skin softening properties have also been known. In fact Wine Therapy is a treatment that originated in the late 1850's in France where people indulged in scrubbing their bodies with rich red wine. Desperate Housewives star Teri Hatcher, also reveled that wine is a regular feature on her beauty regime.  

At White Mantra Spa they use the best natural ingredients like ripe red grapes, wine from red grapes, red grape seed extract and pure grape seed oil. Every ingredient used is carefully selected – from an exclusive mix of herbs to the hand-pounded powders, the pure essential oils to the fresh, organically grown fruits and flowers. According to owner Aparna Raghavan the ingredients used in the spa are not available in the market 'Everything is custom made for white mantra. They are natural and have no chemicals and have no preservatives." she adds. 

The Wine Therapy includes a Body Scrub & Body Soak which is followed by a Wine Moisture massage which lasts for an hour. The therapy also has Spa facial and Spa Manicure & Pedicure. Guests can choose from the various individual treatments or a combination of these exotic treatments. The 'Wine Therapy' at White Mantra Spa is on till the end of January. But for those who want to avail the 'Wine Therapy' after January can do so by scheduling with the Spa in advance. 

For scheduling an appointment please contact White Mantra at
32429960 or 25214870

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