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‘Spa’ing up your senses

A nice back rub sets things right for almost all of us. A spa is the best place to get that done more luxuriously and professionally. Sunanda Pati takes you on a journey through some of the best spas and therapy centers in and around the city of Bangalore.

Lush interiors, a calm ambience and the perfect ingredients to lift your spirits define the concept of a spa. While relaxation is the main aim behind all offered services, a spa also effectively lets you realize the levels of stress and tension you have been subject to. Like S. Vijaya Kumar of Spa.ce says, “A spa is perhaps the best place you could head to after a week’s hard work. There are massages, scrubs and various other aromatic treatments to take that extra load off your shoulders.”

The variety
Like everything else, spas and healing centers have managed to create a niche at the core of everyday living. While in some of them the offerings are limited only to spa services, in others you can have the time of your life playing golf, relaxing in the spa and enjoying the best of amenities. Though are several spa classifications that can have you spoilt for choice, the most popular are that of day spas, destination spas and resort spas. Whereas day spas simply let you take advantage of available rejuvenating services, destination and resort spas cater to fulfilling every requirement that might spring up (including accommodation).

If it’s a day spa that you’re looking for in the city, then there are numerous splashed across it. Visit Spa.ce, The Glamour Suite or the FChisel Spa and what you get is the perfect day spa experience. Body wraps, scrubs, polishes and more commonly massages constitute the forte of day spas in Bangalore. The idea of relaxing your nerves for a long time should take you to one of the resort spas located near the city. The Golden Palms Hotel and Spa could be the answer to your need to let your hair down. This resort spa has packages of every kind and caters to professional wellness as well as to visits of the personal kind. The Angsana Oasis Spa is perhaps the best health spa there is near the city. Apart from usual anti- stress muscle treatments, this spa has reflexology in its list of services.


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