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The Indian Institute of Science (IISc), popularly known as ‘Tata institute’ is celebrating its 100th year this December. It was the extra ordinary vision of Jamsetji Nusserwanji Tata that shaped this institute as the world class research institute it is today. On the other side, professors from IISc are also busy building next generation startups.

Technology schools have played a significant role in creating world class organisations in the western world. From Hewlett-Packard in the ‘30s to Google in the ‘90s, universities (i.e. Stanford) have been the nurturing ground for many path breaking ideas and entrepreneurs. A similar ecosystem is required in India to build the next generation enterprises for the globalized world. City based IISc is playing a significant role, where professors have helped in building many companies. These companies are yet to become public success, but they are playing a quintessential role in shaping the ecosystem. Read on to find out about these entrepreneurial ventures from IISc, primarily started by professors.

Esqube CommunicationsEsqube Communications

Founder directors: Prof. K.V.S.Hari and Prof. H.S.Jamadgani
Domain: Voice over IP, Wireless communication and Digital Signal Processing
Product information: Esqube has multiple products in each of the areas mentioned above. In the VoIP space, products are focused on providing call collaboration (VQUBE) in the internet connected computers. Other products include browser plug-in solutions interfacing with the voice domain and a patent pending audio codec called TARANG. One patent has been awarded to the company and the company has filed about half a dozen patents under various categories.
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Strand Life SciencesStrand Life Sciences

Founder director: Prof. Vijay Chandru
Domain: Algorithms, Life Science and Data Analytics
Product information: Strand has been focusing on technologies in data analytics and predictive modeling for drug discovery and development. For many of the genetic diseases, caused by gene mutation, can be successfully cured by designing drugs using analytical modeling. Data mining platforms (AVADIS) invented by Strand is widely used in verticals like gene expression, pre-clinical, chemistry and healthcare at various pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies and research institutions.
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Tejas NetworksTejas Networks

Founder directors: Dr. Kumar N Sivarajan
Domain: Telecommunications
Product information: Founded in the year 2000, Tejas is a pioneer in developing networking devices in Ethernet and Optical networking domain. It has multiple products designed under each category for global customers. Apart from the devices, the company also provides end-to-end network solutions, from Network Design to System Integration, Commissioning, Operations and subsequent Maintenance. The company has raised 73 Million USD in multiple rounds of venture funding and its IPO is expected very soon.
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Founder/Inventor: Prof. Vijay Chandru
Domain: Handheld computing
Product information: One of the innovations by Prof. Chandru, the Simputer is primarily designed as a handheld computing device for emerging countries like India. Initially promoted as a trust, the Simputer is designed with the OpenSource technologies. The device interface is designed in a simplified way, where one does not need to be computer literate to operate this device. The commercial version of the device is available under the name of ‘Amida Simputer’.
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