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A new website will provide a platform for students to address issues revolving higher education in Karnataka.

Gone are the days when administrators were the only ones who had a say in all important matters. A new initiative by the Karnataka Knowledge Commission (KKC) is set to change all of that and make space for a lot more. The KKC’s will launch a website that will concentrate on fulfilling the Commission’s objective to improve the state of education in Karnataka. The youth- centric website to be launched on the 31st of January will let students voice their opinions regarding education or even the lack of it. 

The plan for the youth website came through right after the KKC was formed in September, last year. According to officials, the present board of KKC will be around for three years during which they have to present reports to the Government as well as try elevating the level of education in the state of Karnataka. The youth website is a part of these efforts and is going to be novel in approach, being updated at regular intervals. 

As of now, the KKC, led by K Kasturirangan, is integrating work between the six working groups that it formed. The six groups are individually focusing on areas like school education, higher education, vocational education, health care, knowledge networks and humanities, social sciences, law and management clubbed together.
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