Sunny days ahead

In these times of impressive home innovations, IBC Solar- a pioneer in providing photovoltaic systems makes your roof your saviour during power crisis. After providing a sunny outlook to the world for over 25 years, the company has stepped into the city to help the Goethe Institute at Max Muller Bhavan use the life giving rays give electricity.

The growing population in Bangalore is having the expected results with acute shortage of power. While the city requires 120 million units of electricity, only 105 million units are produced. Over 50% of the energy produced in the state is consumed by Bangalore alone which leaves the rural areas in the dark to suffer. Many forests have been lost in generating fuel and the only renewable sources of energy to have been even remotely tapped are wind, geothermal and bio-waste, with solar energy being the least used.  

The sun sends more energy to the earth in 20 minutes than the world’s entire population consumes in a single year! And India being one of the sunniest countries in the world has major scope for using this inexhaustible, cost-free and untapped energy source to the fullest extent. This unique roof system helps you become your own power supplier irrespective of which part of the globe you are in. The solar photovoltaic system enables power generation even without a power grid.

IBC solar has systems for supply for individual cabins, homes or even entire villages. They also provide systems for radio towers, street lights, water treatment plants and backup systems for emergency supply during public power outages. The only basic components required for this stand-alone system are solar modules, battery, inverter and charge controller.  

Shortage of energy is one among the major challenges faced by the world along with climate change and water shortage. During times like these the IBC solar acts like the caretaker of the planet for tomorrow’s generation.  
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