Tallying With Beads

Little Nashita is all of 6 years old, but she boasts that in her school she is always the first one to finish the Maths sums. “I have practiced addition and subtraction a lot, its very easy for me. But, my Abacus teacher says that I need more practice in division to do it fast,” says Nashita.
What Counts
Abacus is a mathematical tool that uses beads for calculations. Beads make the kids fall in love with this calculating tool. “Initially the kids love to the sums with the beads; it allows them to focus their excess energy that way. But, later they are attracted to do sums visually because that allows them to do it faster,” says Meera Ram, Abacus teacher at Sumedha Learning Centre. There can be around nine levels in the entire course. In the beginning various mathematical calculations are taught using the beads. In higher levels kids are allowed to visualize the beads and calculate.

Work and Play
Kids between six to twelve years are enrolled in the classes. “Kids pick it up extremely fast. They are excited to use a different and colorful toy to do their “boring” maths,” says Nashita’s mom, Nafisa, who also teaches abacus to other students. Mind you this isn’t just a toy. According to the teachers in the center, if one practices hard enough, calculations of all types is bound to get easier and interesting. It is an all in one method. “It improves your memory, concentration, speed and of course your math skill,” says Meera Ram. However kids find abacus classes absolutely irresistible. “I love coming to Abacus class,” Karishma admits. “It makes me feel more confident when doing math sums.”

For those specially-abled ones
What is fascinating about this tool is that it also helps improve the condition of specially abled children. It is especially beneficial for kids with Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) and Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder (ADHD). Meera Ram recollects her experience with especially abled kids, “We once had a kid who had ADHD, he used burst with energy every time and as a result he never used to sit in one place and hence less concentration. An abacus teacher has to put in a little more effort in such kids, but the result you get is just amazing. He is one of my best students now.” Can you believe that!

Parents Take Note
The most important thing that all teachers stress on is the fact that parent need to take interest and have to follow their children’s progress. Nafisa adds, “In fact the kids will progress if the parents take a interest in them. It is not enough if they enroll the kids, constant monitoring is what makes the difference.”

It is perhaps the best class you can send you kids to. You get the satisfaction of sending the kids to something educative, while your kids may be more than enthusiastic to attend them.
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