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The Artist and his word!

An ongoing art show at CKP studies how artists execute a single idea and how they define their perceptions.

‘The Artists Word’ an ongoing exhibition of art works by eminent artists such as S.G. Vasudev, Yusuf Arakkal , Ravi Kumar Kasi and others is being hosted at the Karnataka Chitrakala Parishath (CKP).This exhibition is the brain child of art historian, consultant and curator Dr Veena Shekar and is on till the 7th of this March.

“I wanted to curate for a long time now as I have been in the art world for fifteen years. When I was planning to put together this show I thought that instead of taking any work and placing it in the show it would be nice to have a theme that the artists can work on.” says curator of the show Dr Veena also runs a popular website on Indian art, Having kept a keen eye on artist Ravi Kumar Kashi’s works and observed his use of text in his art, Dr Veena was instantly curious to see how visual illustration and text can be used to convey certain concepts by the artists and thus the idea of ‘The Artists’ Word’ was born. “A total of 30 artists have come together in this show as all the works on display have used words in different languages used. When I proposed this concept to the artists they found it interesting and challenging and to work with alphabets.’’ she adds.

On display are Yusuf Arrakal’s ‘Book series’, a water colour on paper which shows the Mahatma seated in the middle surrounded with muddled text one cannot read. S.G Vasudev’s tapestry on silk uses a theme from a Kannada, poem ‘Kunte Bille’ where the vision is expressed through weaving. Chandranath Acharya’s pun intended work ‘No par King’ has the title of the work painted large amidst the back drop of a King seated in authority with his sword, which in today’s context represents misuse of authority. V.G Venugopal’s art represents how today people have submitted themselves to become slaves to popular brands, that the billboards are empty in the city.

One of the other interesting pieces on display was Rani Rekha’s work titled ‘Awful’ where text was used as a background to represent people being stuck in a situation with no way out. The work was a reference to the recent Mumbai blasts. One also cannot miss out the artist whose work was the inspiration for this art exhibit – Ravi Kumar Kasi. Titled ‘Akshara Jadi’ the transparent glass bottles half filled with bright fluorescent coloured English alphabets pop out to highlight’s the importance of words and the emotional quotient it’s associated with.

“Almost half the artists whose works have been displayed here have earlier worked with text, while the other artists had never used text in their works earlier. But none of the artists rejected the idea instead they attempted to work using the concept of using text in art.” The exhibition took around two months to shape up and a few of the works are specifically done for this explains Dr Veena. Words and images are complementary to each other and what the image fails to carry forward the word reinstates was surely the highlight of this exhibition.

‘The Artists’ Word’ is on till the 7th of March at CKP

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