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The Bangalore Wine Club

The Bangalore Wine Club is now playing a key role in keeping the wine enthusiasts spirits high. Sunanda Pati lets you in on the Club’s Wine secrets.

See, Swirl, Sniff, Sip, and Savor.  These 5 sensory steps you need to take to truly enjoy your wine. The Bangalore Wine Club is right now at the helm of enriching and keeping alive the tradition of enjoying this delectable beverage in India.   

The Bangalore Wine Club was formed in 2002. Its founder, Alok Chandra, says, “The idea of setting up a wine club came to me vaguely in the month of April in 2001 when a gentleman from Italy came down with a bag of wines. We were a few of us sitting together with seven bottles of wine and it felt really good. In September the same year, a similar tasting session happened when a gentleman came down from Australia. It was then that I felt strongly about initiating a wine club considering that I was also getting into wines personally.”  

Apart from personal interactions with wine enthusiasts, Alok also credits other Wine events to the club’s birth and growth. “Rajeev Samant launching Sula wines and the Government of India relaxing import laws played a great role in backing my decision”, he adds.  

With 150 members on board at the moment, the Bangalore Wine Club had only 30 members when it started. “The event held to commemorate the inception was followed by a dinner for which we had charged a grand amount of 250 rupees per head”, recalls Chandra. For the Club which is about to complete seven long years, the journey since that first dinner has been memorable. Today the Club thrives on its events as it occupies no physical space and only a club event can be an authentic meeting ground.

Events at the club usually fall into the categories of wine tasting, wine dinners and wine outings. “All our events are educative. All of them try to focus on the finer nuances of the drink. To make them more authentic, we have winemakers and wine tasters coming in to share their experiences”, says Rishad Minocher, president of the Bangalore Wine Club.  

Post recession and the recent Mumbai massacre, the story for Bangalore Wine Club has changed a little if not a lot. “Club members are after all a part of civilized society and demoralizing events are bound to take a toll on them too”, opines the founder. Needless to say, the Government of Karnataka’s subsequent tightening its laws against wine import is another hurdle.

On the upside, holding events is now easier since the five star hotels have reduced their tariffs after the global meltdown! And considering the club has completed seven long years with the founder believing ‘club years are like dog years’, we are so sure the Bangalore Wine Club will conquer these hurdles by literally flying high!  

If you’re interested in being part of this exclusive club you can get in touch with the founder Alok Chandra via email:
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Yogananda Aug 15th, 2011 10:22 PM

I am interested in joining your wine club.  Is there any membership form please send us the same by mail.  I want to know when your last event was carried out.

Bangalore Wine Club May 18th, 2011 05:37 PM

Send us your queries about Bangalore Wine Club and becoming a part of it to
Till then, Cheers!
Bangalore Wine Club

udaya reddy Jan 27th, 2011 09:11 PM

hi would love to join with wine lovers

Somashekar Rao D Sep 27th, 2010 04:25 PM

Would like to join the  family of wine lovers. 

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