The New Buzz Word- Imagineering

The new mantra of success is all about clubbing utility with aesthetics. MyBangalore tells you more.

Gone are the days when professional courses like engineering were treated as a popular career choice by society. Today with diverse career opportunities on offer the concept of Imagineering is a breath of fresh air, ready to take on traditional concepts with zeal.

What is Imagineering ?

The concept couples engineering and imagination and is what the Walt Disney Company has feasted upon for many years now. This concept of Imagineering is what has made Disneyland amazing time and time again. To get to the core, Imagineers at Walt Disney need to take care of the technical nuances of building more projects at the theme park, as well as developing ideas that will be visually attractive for visitors to Disneyland. Technical know- how with aesthetic sensibilities make an engineer an Imagineer.

"If a student wants to be good at Imagineering he must remember the utility aspect of a product and must never forget that the pleasure of using it is equally important too", says Dr. Akash Rose of National Institute of Creative Communication (NICC).

In Bangalore, courses in Imagineering are offered at NICC and Srishti School of Design. In India the other institution that offers Imagineering is National Institute of Design and the basic requirement is an engineering degree at an undergraduate level. The pre- requisite is of course a scientific background in which basics are covered. The next step would require the aspirant to take up something creative and challenging like product design. "Product design lets one do a little of both engineering and art. Other important factors in the ball game are of course the materials, the ergonomics, the processes and the end product", clarifies Aleksandra Rose of NICC. Alternatively, one could also take up package design to learn the finer aspects of making the end product effective, visually and practically.

Almost all major design institutes have a placement cell to guide budding Imagineers. RedPack, a German packaging house that has a branch in Bangalore, is a popular firm that comes for placements at NICC. Beezwax, a United States based product design house, is also a popular choice. According to NICC, several alternative resource solution companies like Integra also look for individuals with a specialization in product design. And if not anything else, freelancing is always a great option for Imagineers.
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