The Nightlife Nemesis

Most Bangaloreans love partying. But there’s an 11.30 deadline that’s playing dampener to it. Sunanda Pati finds out more.

A night full of good music and good beer may just be two things youngsters everywhere hope for. Hanging around with friends well into the wee hours of the morning is something many swear by. But these are luxuries that the city of Bangalore can’t offer. That’s because a rule set off by the Government states that restaurants, public houses and bars cannot operate beyond 11.30 at night. Call it unjustified or inhuman, it is the most unwanted enforcement the city is reeling under today. Says Himanshu, a 19 year old, “Is this what you call fun? I simply hate the deadline. It does nothing for us. In fact, it’s giving me such creeps that I want to leave the city immediately.”

The Cinderella Rule
Funny as it may sound, the rule of closing down bars and pubs at 11.30 has come to be known as the ‘Cinderella Rule’. Now like Cinderella, party- hopping Bangaloreans have to scoot the scene before the clock strikes 12. Ask Joy, a retail professional, and he says, “It’s insane. No matter which sector you look at, work finishes pretty late and people want to literally let their hair down after a day’s hard work. Thanks to this stupid deadline now, thousands of Bangaloreans like me have to slog all day and think of slogging the next day at the end of it all!” It doesn’t take much sense to understand that the city that was so lovingly called the Pub City now has to deal with an irony of sorts apart from facing the wrath of thousands of party animals.

Making sense
Going by what party- goers all across Bangalore have to say, if the Cinderella rule makes sense to anybody then it is the authorities. Dave of Guzzlers Inn puts it this way, “We really have no problem with the deadline as long as it does not affect our business. But this 11.30 tag comes with a price. Forget about the week days, the happy hour should be stretched by at least half an hour or more at least during weekends.” While Bangalore has always faced the brunt of this regulation, it is only recently that it is being enforced strongly. Dave adds, “Earlier it was slightly relaxed with pubs getting leverage till 12 or 12.30 am and even 1 o’ clock at times”. People at Pecos prefer abiding by rules to the T. Says Nagesh Kiran, “We at Pecos have nothing to say about the 11.30 pm deadline. What the Government does is for the best, I presume.” Considering the pub has a peak in business from 7.30 or 8 pm, it doesn’t really have much to complain about.


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