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The “not so pricey” steak

With the advent of inflation, eating out is definitely one thing that has faced a cut in the budget. Don’t let your taste buds suffer for it. Debolina Sengupta shows you how.

Eating the meat on the street
Ask a human carnivore in Bangalore what the best place to have food is. The answer will definitely take you to a variety of five star and high class restaurants and pubs. Well, for the ones who can do without air conditioned air, decorated walls and a “name” of the restaurant, here is presenting the value for money for meat- cooked fresh in front of you and which tastes as good as ever- Russel Market roadside.

Well, why should you leave the Mojo’s and Koshy’s and go to the roadsides? Shekhar, like any seventeen year old would say, “It’s cheap! And it’s tasty”, and it’s made right in front of you. So, there is no question of it being unhealthy or unsafe for consumption as rumored. There have been a lot of debates that these vendors use Motor oil to cook the meat. But such rumours don’t change their customer attraction.

The Bangalorean Barbeque- aplenty choices
Smoking coal, kababs and steaks cooking away to glory reminds one of barbeques. That is the best way a roadside meat shop can be pictorially described. And, do not confuse these shops with the roadside chicken kabab shops you see all over the place. Here, chicken is not even considered meat. The definition of meat starts from mutton and occasionally goes into camel meat too. But the specialty is definitely veal and beef. Why pay Rs.300/- for a steak when you can get it for Rs.12/- ? Sohini will say, “I need a proper place to sit and eat. You know? A clean place… Something like Mojo’s- the ambience is beautiful!” But, here is where you will get the value for money- quality and quantity.


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