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The Scalpel Saga

Anesthesia, blood and failure form one side of the plastic surgery story. Sunanda Pati goes over to the other side and finds out more.

Wonder what Sushruta must have thought seeing so many people go under the knife whether they require physical correction or not? For those of you not familiar with that name, Sushruta was supposedly the first plastic surgeon India saw and he lived as long back as 600 BC! Considering figure correction has existed so long in the nation, it is not surprising to see thousands of people consulting cosmetic surgeons every year. The trend has caught up in Bangalore too and quite fast at that. Though the initial days saw more of celebrities and people from the upper crust choosing to go under the scalpel, the popularity of figure correction is no less amongst the not-so-rich today. With a definitive lifestyle shift, Bangaloreans are less tolerant of physical defects now. They want results and real fast ones.

Here and Now

Over the years, even though plastic surgery takers have increased dramatically, most of them still seem to be in the dark. Why? For most, if not all, are unable to make out the difference between plastic surgery and cosmetic surgery. Like most Bangaloreans, Ayesha thinks “every plastic surgery is cosmetic surgery”. There’s really a fine line that separates the two of them for the latter is a part of the former. Apart from cosmetic procedures, plastic surgery also involves reconstruction therapy. According to Dr. Pooya Mozzaferry of Pooya’s Health Care Center, “people are too apprehensive to find out the truth”. This means they continue to suffer from a misconception that makes it impossible for them to distinguish between plastic and cosmetic surgery.  But that definitely is not something that’s stopping people from experimenting.


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raghu May 20th, 2011 04:04 PM

Doctor Venkatesh is the best cosmetic suregeon, i have undergone a Rhinoplastry, good result i found in him. 

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