The StudyLite debuts

Students can now shelve their fears of a power cut, thanks to a newly launched light.

No more power cuts, no more eye strain! At least that’s what the newly launched ‘StudyLite’ by BPL promises. Launched in Bangalore on the 15th of January at BPL Gallery in BPL Towers, this special light has been devised to help students study even if there’s a power cut. Apart from BPL, Sankara Nethralaya, is the co- creator of StudyLite, the country’s first rechargeable study lamp. StudyLite has a built- in backup system which ensures that it runs without interruption for six long hours, even when not recharged. 

The most interesting part about the StudyLite is of course the way it is made. The excellence in the lighting part of the device has been achieved by Sankara Nethralaya. It gave stringent guidelines to ensure that children can use the study light continuously, without harming their eyes. Consequently, engineers from BPL got to using Light- Emitting Diode (LED) as the source for StudyLite. LEDs are extremely energy efficient and do not emit excess ultraviolet and infrared rays. Alongside LED, BPL used Nickel Metal Hydride (NMH) for efficient backup for StudyLite. Finally, the stylish design of the light was zeroed in on with the help of Abhijit Bhansod, one of the leading product designers in the country. StudyLite will also act as a power saver considering it uses only 10% of the power used by ordinary bulbs, thus providing white, flicker- free light.

“We are extremely happy to have created this breakthrough product that at its heart solves a significant consumer need – the need for uninterrupted light. During power cuts we found children using candles, oil lamps and such other alternatives to study. That got us thinking. We could have easily made a simple rechargeable table lamp but to make sure children do not suffer from improper lighting, we worked with Sankara Nethralaya, the foremost eye research hospital in the country. Their team of experts helped us in making the first such study light in the country that is scientifically tested for ideal lighting ambience. We also used our engineering ingenuity to create an eco-friendly product that uses very little energy and can even run on solar power,” said K Gopi, COO, BPL Techno Vision Pvt Ltd. Your browser may not support display of this image.

Presently, StudyLite, one of BPL’s most innovative creations so far, is available only in Bangalore and Chennai. They are available in four colours- yellow, black, white and red.

For more details on the StudyLite, contact:

BPL Techno Vision Pvt Ltd,
BPL Towers,
13, Kasturba Road,
Bangalore- 560001
Ph no: - 080 2227 4515

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Suresh Mar 28th, 2010 12:13 PM

All, I am NOT happy with this product. The adopter which they supply is of substandard and I had to replace it twice in 4 months!!!
The worst is these adopter does not comes with warranty, so I had to shell out money from my pokect. I am using my mobile charger, laptop, etc with the same circuit I have but why only this adopter is goes bad?

Davi Rangan Jan 28th, 2009 06:00 PM

Six long hours backup.. thats really amazing that too with LED thing in it. After reading about this lite here, I searched more for it and found few videos of same on which talks more about it. 
Best part its smart and stylish..

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