Toy Story: Avinash Veeraraghavan

An ongoing exhibition at Gallery Ske tries to delve a bit deeper into what boundaries separate reality and fantasy for people.

The exhibition ‘Toy Story’  though borrowing from the title of 1995 animation film of the same name, is artist Avinash Veeraraghavan’s ode to dreams real or unreal. Currently on at Gallery Ske, the show comprises of an installation, video and digital prints, all with a constant reference to toys. The reference is primarily to that necessary part of childhood, where the boundaries between reality and make-believe are blurred. The works in the show articulate one such private and ambiguous dream. As in his previous works Veeraraghavan also treats patterns as building blocks to construct his visuals, creating work that is layered and almost manic. The exhibition is on till the 31st of this month.

The series which took Veeraraghavan about four months to complete is autobiographical. ‘Everyone has dreams. They don’t necessarily have to be when you sleep. Dreams can be real to when it comes to a person’s ambition. Dreams can be good and bad, but what ever the nature they are, they cannot be judged” says the artist. With images of toys in his works, Veeraghavan implies to add that quality of innocence where one is never judged. The installation pieces of a bed strewn with toys add to the ambience of the exhibits theme and assist the other pieces at the show says the artist.

In 2009 Veeraraghavan was the recipient of the Illy SustainArt prize presented by illycaffe (in collaboration with ARCOmadrid) for his work The Deafening. His work is currently on display in the Indian Highway show at The Astrup Fearnley Museum of Modern Art, Oslo. The Artist has previously shown his work in the Galerie Krinzinger Projektes in Vienna, Austria. . His first project was an interactive graphic novel titled 'I Love My India stories for a city' published in 2004 by Tara Publishing, Chennai and Dewi Lewis Publishing, London. He did his post-school program from the Centre for Learning and his next project is with the Tilton Gallery, New York.
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