TV- The Weekend attraction

A dose of television during weekends are an important part of student life. Mybangalore talks to students and parents to find out the truth.

Today a student's life has much more than just studies and play as students juggle various extra curricular activities along with a fully loaded syllabus and regular tuition classes. With this they are hardly left with any free time for themselves during the week days. So what's do the student's in Bangalore do for their weekends? Most of them prefer to spend atleast few quality hours all by themselves apart from catching up with friends. We also found out watching TV is a high priority too. "All the days of the week I am out. The mornings are spent in school and in the evenings I attend tuition classes. So during the weekend I enjoy staying at home watching TV or some latest movies in the DVD. " said Meghna, a student of St Mira's. 

The pressure to excel at academics in school is quite high these days and they are occupied with studies throughout the week. So whenever they get a chance to relax, the time is spent doing things that require least physical or mental effort. Most parents agree to the fact their children spend long hours in front of the television during weekends.

"My daughter refuses to go out during weekends. She spends most of the day watching the repeat telecast of programs like 'Friends' and 'Seinfield'. " 

Another occupation that keeps children busy during weekends is computer games. Many children, especially boys spend their leisure hours playing computer games. It takes hours, even days to complete a game. "I end up spending twelve hours non stop playing games like Fear and Need for speed (NFS). My mom is fed up asking me to stop." chuckles Shayan, 9th grade student of a private school.

"We try not to burden students with excess homework during weekends because they also deserve a break at the end of the week. But we often give students art and craft assignments or other creative work which will keep them engaged during the weekend." Says a teacher from Innisfree House School. It is clear that students especially the teenagers are not very keen on socializing during weekends and prefer to be by themselves doing things they miss out on schooldays. "I enjoy reality shows on MTV and don't like to barter it for anything else on a Saturday evening." said Puja, 8th grade student.

"Throughout the week my brother and I fight over the TV programs. He likes watching NEO sports and I enjoy the 'K serials' in Star Plus. But during weekends there is peace because Roshan is busy with his computer games and I am free to watch anything I want in the TV." says Reshma, 1st year Bcom, Garden City College.

Some of the students also prefer reading novels and painting during their leisure hours. Listening to music all through the day is a common thing that most students do during weekends. Some of them also take up hobby courses like Guitar classes, Theater workshops, Dance classes etc. But on an average for most student watching the 'Idiot Box' is an important activity during the weekend. 

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Navin A p Feb 13th, 2009 06:37 PM

Rock on! yeh hai kids ka samana
I am a old man now and thought kids nowdays grow up fast and hence their is not much difference between naughty, window shopping kids and teens, i guess i was wrong.

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