Why should I use Twitter?

The micro blogging platform Twitter is now seen as a powerful marketing tool for small and medium businesses. MyBangalore lists five reasons to use Twitter.

The micro blogging platform Twitter has emerged as a powerful medium to exchange short messages called ‘tweets’ which has a maximum of 140 characters. Introduced as a social networking platform, this small yet powerful idea has outgrown itself to emerge as one of the powerful marketing tools. If you are a small and medium business owner, and are trying to offer any product or service online, Twitter is one application you just cannot afford to miss out. So read on to find out “Why you should I use Twitter?”

One: Promotion medium

To start with Twitter can be easily used as a medium to promote your product or service that you or your organisation is offering. You can post simple ‘tweets’ regarding your offering and initial user base (beta) can be built in no time. The more ‘followers’ for your profile, the bigger the use base is. These ‘followers’ are the set of people to whom you can directly communicate with about your product/service. It could build critical mass for promotional events etc. As everyone who uses ‘Twitter’ is a customer, this offers an easy to directly reach them.

Two: The ‘Viral’ way

The ultimate power of Twitter comes from its ability to create viral messages about your product or service. Remember everybody in the Twitter world is capable of writing Tweets, which can help you to generate excellent word-of-mouth promotion for your product or service. Within minutes people express their views in through ‘Tweets’, which can heavily influence their followers, who can influence more people to know about your product/service. In a way it works as a multi layered structure, where everybody can be a influence the other.  These influencers will eventually get converted into more number of people becoming aware of your service/product and eventually will turn into customers of the service or product you are trying to offer via online. With traditional marketing getting redefined with the power of Internet, Twitter is ‘The tool’ you should look forward to generate the buzz.

Three: Can you listen?

As every Tweet can be influential, it can be of two ways. In case a few users are unhappy with your offering, you can get instant feedback by monitoring their ‘Tweets’. Twitter offers excellent search facilities ( through which you get to know what people are saying about your offering. In simple terms it helps you “listen” to your customers, which is a great opportunity to improve your product/service.

Four: Online branding

How can we miss this? Twitter helps you to build a great online identity, thereby building a better brand. As it acts as a two way communication platform with your prospective customers, our digital impression can be built using twitter. The more authentic and engaging conversation (in form of Tweets) you have, the trust among customers can be built easily. Being successful in Twittering can put forth your personality and a unique style thereby offering a competitive advantage.

Five: It’s Free!

Last, but not the least. Unlike other marketing vehicles like promotional events or brochure distribution, Twittering can be started without spending even a rupee. Given the current economic condition and shoe-string budgets, Twitter is the tool for marketers to look forward.  Andy Sernovitz one of the proliferators of word-of-mouth marketing put it as “infinite power” this divide by zero (cost) can give an infinite output advantage to your business. So what are you waiting for? It’s time to enter new world of ‘Tweets’!!
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Jayakumar Balasubramanian May 13th, 2009 01:50 PM

Thanks for your comment Vinay.
Taking 'spam' approach for Twitter would eventually kill the reputation of the cutting edge product you are trying to promote. On the other side, if you have a great products followers would automatically emerge!

vinaysjce May 04th, 2009 04:25 PM

Nice article, doing some research on how social networking sites are changing the mindsets about marketing. I agree that twitter works, but you need a list of people to follow your tweets, for a new product that is not innovative don't you feel it will take too much time to get the word out. It will be a new format of spam. But overall agree with everything else you say, great work.

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