Wipro 'Moulds a Life'

More than 20,000 seed balls made and planted across cities all over the country by employees.

Wipro Infotech, the India and Middle East IT Business of Wipro Ltd. carried out an extensive Seed ball making and planting program called “Mould a Life”. This campaign saw more than 20,000 seedballs being made and planted across cities all over the country. The campaign was inaugurated by Anand Sankaran, Chief Executive, Wipro Infotech in Bangalore in the corporate office of Wipro in Sarjapur.  

The “Mould a Life” campaign is driven by Wipro’s deep commitment to Ecological Sustainability. The activity saw hundreds of employees turning up with their families to take part in the campaign. Fertile soil was rolled into balls into which the seeds were embedded. This increases the chances of germination because of the nursery like environment in the seedball. 

Mr. Anand Sankaran, Chief Executive, Wipro Infotech said, “Ecological sustainability is the defining issue of our times. Both corporations’ and individuals must play a significant role in dealing with this challenge. “Mould a Life” is a self transformation initiative to create an ecologically sustainable organization and business. A campaign like this involving employees helps to take the message a step forward and the kind of participation seen today is heartening.”

Last year, Wipro launched Eco-eye a corporation wide initiative on ecological sustainability. Eco-eye is Wipro’s comprehensive program that drives increasing ecological sustainability in all its operations, as also areas of its influence. The initiative attempts to engage with increasing levels of intensity with all stakeholders – Wipro’s own employees, partners, suppliers, customers and immediate communities.
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