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Young Entrepreneurs’ Start Ups with Soaring Spirit (YESSS) would go down in history of Bangalore IT no matter which way you see it. Even as the nation languishes in the worries of a troublesome tomorrow keeping the financial crisis in sight, Bangalore stands tall as the IT capital of India. Bangalore was one of the most recent events that proved the city’s tech might once again. As a second day event, YESSS was one of its kind, with bright newbies in the IT industry making themselves be heard. And if you thought the profiles were commonplace enough to be disregarded, you’d be wrong. There were eleven speakers all of whom had something unique to declare and bring to the notice of the audience present. If Krishna Kumar from Zyoin spoke boldly about what he plans about his referral recruitment portal, then Amarnath Choudhury from Manam Infotech gave a distinct outline of his company’s offerings.

The highlight of YESSS of course comprised the presentations by the participants. Innovative, informative and effortless, most of them were thoroughly professional and concise and explanatory in the same breath given the time limit. Sorabh Sodhani from Mera Sport was especially congratulated for his presentation had a flavor like no other and was no less than a breath of fresh air!

To add experience and knowledge to the event were known names like Kanwaljit Singh of Helion Ventures, Samir Kumar of Inventus Capital and Amar Lakhtakia of Sherpaz. The main idea of all the speakers was to guide the young entrepreneurs in the way of venture capitalism and the influence the latter has on any emerging business. It is anyone's guess when the men behind the start- ups heard Amar Lakhtakia say "True entrepreneurs never have a small business. They have a big one that hasn't grown up yet." The encouraging YESSS session successfully came to an end with one- to- one meets with investors and capitalists rounding it off.
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