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Vedic astrology service and guidance to problems,remedial solutions to benefit YOU..Ask Prashna at for your Business improvements,financial improvements.. EXPERIENCE to BELIEVE. We value you, your time and your money.

Fill & send the form, ASK a PRASHNA, Consultation on Phone, Flexibility of Fees based on your Appointment.

You can email us to or call 9986190496

Solutions to any problems faced in life like, education,
Job, marriage, children, business, family and financial Issues.

Complete Horoscope softcopy (including lagna kundali,navamsh kundali, bhava chalita kundali, yogas details,complete explanations, and giving valuable suggestions to improve your life, and suggesting about valuable mantras which can change your life)

You can email us to or call 9986190496.

* We offer FREE services based on if the person is very much financially poor or his/her conditions are so bad they are not able to pay.

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