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" Kaypee Creationz " offers customised solutions to our clients according to their requirements in areas of visual merchandising. We believe that your retail outlet is an investment made to generate maximum sales and henceforth profits to your organization. A retail outlet is usually THE focus point which attracts customers. Any sales and promotion activity you do is an add-on to the core process of attracting customers to your store. In this scenario it is very important that your outlet is handled professionally, like an investment. Our areas os expertise include: > Window displays, both apparel and home furnishings > In-Store Displays > Festive and Thematic seasonal displays > Props displays for ramp shows > Photoshoot styling . Contact no: 09844741098 (sahana)



mani Aug. 27th, 2012 9:10 p.m.

i am looking for job, i have a 2years experience in retail ,pl let me know if Der any job openings

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