group yoga class for females at home-93424-55569, 76761-68060, 9341202004

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  • Name:shekhar
  • Mobile no:9342455569
  • Address:hoodi bangalore (Map)

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Description group yoga class for females at home-93424-55569, 76761-68060, 9341202004 Yoga cure Acidity, asthama, constipation, gastritis, giddiness, indigestion migraine, obesity, sciatica, sleepless, stress, tiredness etc Fee Rs.10,000 per month for 5 person. Fees is PrePaid (weekly 3 days class, 1 hour duration) see video Ph: 93424-55569 Ph: 93412-02004 Ph: 76761-68060 email: Yoga cure Acidity, Yoga cure asthama, Yoga cure constipation, Yoga cure gastritis, Yoga cure giddiness, Yoga cure indigestion migraine, Yoga cure obesity, Yoga cure SCIATICA, Yoga cure sleepless, Yoga cure stress, Yoga cure tiredness yoga tips-beginner yoga at home-best way to learn yoga at home-can you learn yoga at home-possible learn yoga home-yoga rooms at home-starting yoga- Yoga Instructions to Do at Home-Teen Yoga-Yoga Poses-Yoga Lessons-Yoga Workouts at Home-Beginner Yoga Exercises-Printable Yoga Exercises-Yoga Techniques-Morning Yoga For Weight Loss - 20 Minute Workout Fat-Yoga Poses for Weight Loss – Tummy and Thighs Exercises-Surya Namaskar: 12 Yoga poses for weight loss -Yoga & Diet Tips For Weight Loss- yoga for weight loss-ramdev baba yoga for weight loss-yoga for weight loss for beginners-yoga for weight loss in hindi-yoga asanas for weight loss-hota yoga for weight loss-for all Common Diseases Coronary Artery Disease (Ischemic Heart Disease)-Stroke-Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD)-Lower Respiratory Infections-Trachea, Bronchus, and Lung Cancers-Diarrheal Diseases-Diabetes Mellitus-Preterm Birth Complications-Tuberculosis (TB)



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