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  • Price:Rs.3000

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  • Name:Jaffar Sadiq
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Induction cookers are the safest and most energy efficient appliances to replace gas tops. Now more than 10 pieces are available for sale at a nominal price. More information about induction cookers: Principle of the Cooking Plate (Induction Cooker): The Cooking Plate (Induction Cooker) has a Heating Coil inside which creates a magnetic field in the bottom of the vessel. This Magnetic field heats only the inside portion of the bottom of the vessel and the contents inside. No heat is wasted in heating the full vessel like the burner based stoves. The Ceramic Plate on which the Vessel is placed does not get heated in area other than that below the vessel. Requirements of Vessel: Only flat bottom vessels with a base made of stainless Steel, Steel Casting or iron casting will work. Vessels made of Ceramic, Aluminum, Pottery, Brass, Copper Base, etc. will not work. Vessels generally of diameter more than 12 cms or about 6 inches should be used. Energy Efficiency: The Cooking Plate (Induction Cooker) is more energy efficient than burner stove because:  It cooks food twice as fast (Approximate Estimate)  The Thermal Efficiency (Heat Transfer) is more than 2 times than that of burner based stoves. One Year Limited Warranty: The Company offers one year warranty for “Cooking Plate” induction cooker for repairing or replacing parts free of cost against any manufacturing fault. Price: Rs.3000/- only. Contact: Mr.Jaffar Sadiq 09980685866 (Bangalore)



STEVE BARNARD Nov. 19th, 2010 8:32 p.m.

induction stoves for low cost housing

STEVE BARNARD Nov. 19th, 2010 8:31 p.m.

looking for induction cookers for low cost housing scheme

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