Laika Boutique Hotel in the city centre in a quiet environment

Over 9 years, 4 months ago

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  • Location:Richmond Rd (Off Trinity Circle)

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Laika is spread across 2 levels with a total of 8 independent bedrooms, lounge spaces and dining area. Laika Boutique Stay Laika is an interesting pot – pourri of different places and time. The beds tell of a long gone era of the old Kerala homes, the tables with hand painted tiled mosaics remind you of the Portuguese contribution to Goan homes and the window louvers have been hand-picked from Bangalore’s old mansions. The wood on the gates bears the marks of thousands of trains, for they were a part of the Indian Railways history. The Jamoon tree with its fruits, and the creepers with yellow and pink flowers speak of love for nature, colour and greenery all around. For more Email-



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