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  • Venue:Neoway Academy, Residency Road

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Hello, My name is Gayatri Dandekar and I am an Accelerated Learning Skills Coach at Neoway Academy, Bangalore. We are a training and Coaching institute that over the last eight years has specialized in NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) and Accelerated Learning Skills and have worked with Children, Students, Parents, Teachers and Educators in the areas of Education, Learning, Personal Growth and Relationships for last eight years. I m excited to inform you that we are conducting two programs for children. Following is the brief information regarding the program. Learning Excellence Program (Age 9-12 years, 4th,5th and 6th Standard) : : In this program we will combine Accelerated Learning skills with NLP skills which will enable children to be more confident, to learn faster, easily and more effectively. Children will learn the "HOW" of learning which will enable them to become skillful independent learners, thus rediscovering the joy of learning. Some of what your child will learn: 1. Methods of learning Spellings and vocabulary easily 2. Accelerated Reading 3. Exercises for whole brain learning 4. Methods of learning Math easily 5. How to develop a super memory 6. Whole brain note making and review method 7. Enjoying and Learning any subject easily 8. Develop empowering beliefs in academics Dates : 3rd,10th,17th,24th July, 7th,14th,21st and 28th August and 4th,11th September. Timings : 2 P.M to 6 P.M. (Total of 10 classes to be held over 10 Saturdays, 4 hours per day.) Personal Excellence Program (Age 9-12 years, 4th,5th and 6th Standard) : This is a unique empowerment program to enable children to discover the true power within them. In this program children will learn to use the skills of NLP, the cutting edge science of Excellence to build their confidence and self esteem. They will learn to go beyond their limiting beliefs to access their inner resources, that will help them move powerfully towards their goals and be happier and live their life with joy and freedom. Some of what your child will learn: 1. Developing high self esteem and confidence 2. Developing inner motivation 3. Managing emotions powerfully 4. Developing empowering beliefs and values 5. Developing enriching relationships and effective communication 6. Team work 7. Goal setting Dates : 3rd,5th,10th,12th,17th,19th,24th and 26th August, 2nd,7th,9th,14th,16th,21st, 23rd,28th,30th September and 5th and 7th October.(20 sessions) Timings : 4 P.M to 5.30 P.M. (Monday and Tuesday, one and a half hours a day.) If you would like more information about any of the programs, do get in touch with me. You can mail me at gayatri@neowayin.com or call me on 9986635212. Please note that we only have 20 seats available for each course. I look forward to seeing your response. Thank you! Warm Regards, Gayatri Dandekar.



deepthi11Nov. 05th, 2017 6:29 a.m.

can you also suggest how to get rescued from roommates in p.f may be you must be having experiences also can you please share it will be nice help.as i can see you seems very generous and helpful person

Gurupreet March 23rd, 2011 11:05 a.m.

what is neuro linguistic programming

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