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Applications of NLP-K Gestalt Emotions: NLP-K helps you to release the pain from loss/grief and to go ahead with a peaceful life. You can resolve any loss/grief/shame/ guilt; forgive yourself/others and feel more relaxed and comfortable with yourself. Health & Body: NLP-K enables you to establish a positive relationship with the body and revives your physical vitality. You can resolve simple physical inconveniences such as headache, body pain, etc. to speed up your healing from chronic ailments such as obesity, cancer, etc Prosperity & Wealth: NLP-K helps you create a positive association with money and resolves any limiting belief that is preventing prosperity from flowing towards you effortlessly. You can install new empowering beliefs that can remove any mental resistance you have towards attracting wealth & success Relationships: NLP-K helps you foster a strong relationship with your family members, friends & business associates and enjoy an abundance of love & support from your associations. You can resolve internal conflicts that are preventing you from getting the best out of your relationships. Self-Esteem: NLP-K empowers you to let go of depressing thoughts and realize your personal worth. You can get-over self-pity/ internal suffering and establish a very positive self-image and self-respect. Personal Power: NLP-K gifts you the power to play the game of life with a resourceful state of mind rather than going through life as it pushes you around. You can project yourself from the point of power in every activity that you perform and create a brand for yourself in everything that you do. Spirituality: NLP-K connects you to the divine source be it god/ consciousness/ higher self, etc. and brings in a harmony within yourself. You can align yourself with the divine love, follow the inner voice and live a joyous life.



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