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This summer Wind Chasers offers outdoor learning programs that take u deep down under! Summer Aquatic Adventure : Summer Camps 2010 The Aquatic World opens up for the first time at the Outdoor School Summer Camp for kids to explore the underwater world! This summer we take you to the serene blue water of the underwater world of corals, aquatic animals, colorful fishes and ship wrecks! What the program offers you: • Basics Scuba Diving Skills: introduction to the scuba equipment, concept of buoyancy control, underwater sign language and How to do Scuba dive • Snorkeling: Learning to use a snorkel and fins, mask clearing and snorkel clearing • Marine Wealth Awareness: Modules on Marine Life Recognition and Observation with flash cards and visuals • Underwater Exploration: Explore the amazing world beneath, identify marine life and experience life below • Island Exploration: explore the Grande Island and enjoy an Island Picnic • Sailing: basics on equipments, methods, team coordination etc NATURE PHOTOGRAPHY CAMPS Photography outdoors opens up a host of different areas in creativity. This summer explore the outdoors with your lens, create frames with the earth as your canvas. For more details: FAMILY CAMPS • Family Time in the Outdoors: Explore wilderness with your family • Bond: An ideal time to bond with your kids! Outdoor cooking, pitching your own tents, building a campfire and lots more fun family activities. • Outdoor Challenges: Push your limits and allow yourself to enter new areas in adventure and outdoor skills • Experience yourself in nature! Live the native way with your whole family! Experience an alternate and simple way of life! For details Please mail Visit: for more on summer 2010 Or Call Mehar: 9980325154 Maria: 9845697272



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