Frazer Town

Frazer town located in the North-East direction of Bangalore is the best example for unity in diversity. It is spread over an area of four square kilometers. In the year 1910 Township of Frazer town was established, you could still find the foundation stone laid during the event of establishment at the junction of Mosque Road and Coles Road. The town is named after the scholar Stuart Frazer, tutor of Maharaja Krishnaraja Wadiyar IV. Now name of this township is officially changed to Pulakeshinagar, but still the place is known with its former name.  

The focusing feature of Frazer town is that it is a commercial cum residential area and the prominent roads linking this place to city hot spot are Promenade Road, Coles Road, Mosque Road, Madhavraya Mudaliar Road (M M Road), Robertson Road, Spencer Road, Tannery Road, and part of Wheeler Road.

This place holds a prominent position in commercial transaction as this town ship consists of many small scale and large scale industries, it also has IT / ITES firms like Empower India Incorporation Seo Company and so on. In spite of of being commercial area, one could find free moving traffic over here, above all this place is feasible from any part of the city; as there is frequent bus availability and railway station Bangalore East is near by.

Coles road is paradise for food lovers, as it has many restaurant and hotels like Mez Ban, Nandhini Delux and this road also has NDTV office.  MM Road might sounds as silent road, but it is active commercial road, it has number of restaurants, Air ticket booking office, hospitals, retail grocery shop and so on.

Frazer Town is rich in greenery, it has years old trees and it is being protected to uphold environment safety and nature’s beauty. It is a well known fact that Frazer town was developed during the regime of British, so it has the pattern of conservancy lanes. Presently some conservancy lanes are converted to car parking area for the sake of preservation.

Coles Park named after AH Coles comes under this town ship. Now the park is renamed as Freedom Fighter’s Park. This park as historical past, during the British regime, on special events military bands were played in the park and Bangalore Rifle Volunteers played marching music. This park has well maintained topiary shape like animals, bird. The specialty of the park is that it has an exclusive area for disabled children.

Despite of modernity and commercial aspect occupying the foreground, yet the relics of past are even seen today, the colonial bungalows of Gothic style and British architecture, stone building of Hajee Sir Ismail Sait Government Urdu Model Primary Boys and Girls School, nursery school. (see more)

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