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Released On: Nov 18, 2011

Aata has a story of a young person who feels that like is a big game and interacts with all the people as he plays a game and wins every game with intelligence. In this game there is always a conflict between the desire of the parents, the decision of the youngsters. Who will win in the final game is an important factor that forms the main focus of this film.


  • Genre: Romance
  • Director:B. N. Vijaykumar
  • Cast: Kruthika, Shankar Rao, Sadhu Kokila, Avinash, Pavitra Lokesh, Padmaja Rao, Sumanth Shailendra, Vibha Natarajan, Achyutha Kumar
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    By Super Good Movies Published: Nov 19, 2011

    ‘Aata’ is a game of love and life. In the game of love very quickly Rahul (Sumanth Shailendra) an expert kicker on football ground wins without even telling I Love You to Swathi (Vibha Natarajan). In the game of life it takes lot of time for Rahul to win. He believes strongly the sentiments of parents are very important. This is the high point of the film that convincingly makes the parents to accept the sacred love.

    As the film comes to interval point sister of Rahul is missing in the Kalyan Mantap of her marriage. This brings a big shame on the parents of Rahul. At the same time an unexpected development in the life of Swathi shock her extremely. Swathi doting father a rich businessman who has extreme confidence that his decision will not be turned down by his daughter arranges for engagement to an NRI boy. Hesitantly Swathi exchanges engagement ring and with lot of tension standing before Rahul.

    Rahul takes two days time and he disagrees to runaway with Swathi. On the other hand the search for Swathi is vigorous in city. Swathi uses her brain and lands up in the house of Rahul pretending as she is the good friend of runaway Sandhya (Krithika) sister of Rahul. She is given permission to stay in the house for one week. With this move of Swathi even Rahul is shocked. He has to manage many things now.

    Rahul becomes friendly to Swathi father (Avinash) and he gets an entry to the house. He studies the mindset of Swathi father and enemy on football ground Swathi brother Pradip also becomes friend because both are looking for sisters. Rahul quickly traces his sister and ask her to stay at a distance till the tension of parents is reduced. It is not so easy for Pradip to trace his sister in the house of Rahul.

    Rahul decides to end the trauma of everyone and he brings Swathi in front of her parents. This is where the innocent Rahul is cheated and Swathi is shocked with the move.

    How Rahul sets his goal of getting back Swathi, what platform he sets for parents with the help of a television channel program is another brilliant and sentimental act from the youth. The parent’s gets melt down looking at their children frank and sacred opinion on love.

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