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Kalaya Tasmai Namaha

Released On: Oct 12, 2012

Yogesh plays a Supari serial killer in `Kalaya Tasmai Namaha` and Madhubala stars opposite him in this crime drama. A.M. Neel has composed the film`s music and Snake Shyam makes a guest appearance in a song.


  • Genre: CrimeDrama
  • Director:Chandrashekar Shrivastav
  • Cast:Yogesh , Madhubala
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    ravi Nov. 25th, 2012 7:54 p.m.

    awesome movie one of the best for loose mada

    Girish Oct. 16th, 2012 2:41 a.m.

    This movie sucks for 2 hrs 45mins, with 2 gud songs...very poor direction.

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  • Critic Reviews

    By Srikanth Srinivasa Published: Oct 12, 2012

    Director Chandrashekhar Srivastav has harped on one message throughout the Kannada film Kaalaaya Tasmai Namaha, and that is "you may be able to fall in love but it is difficult to stay with it and make a living".

    The film is set against the backdrop of underworld activities.

    The hero's nickname is Ten but his real name is Tukaram (Yogish) which one comes to know when he is arrested and is made to stand with a slate that shows his real name.

    He is supposedly a contract killer but has failed to kill even a single soul for four years despite being engaged for the purpose by his guru played by Rangayana Raghu.

    Ten is always accompanied by three of his trusted lieutenants who are in the same boat as the good-for-nothing killers. Madhu (Madhubala) meets Ten by chance. The four-member gang is on the run and the girl accidentally helps the police find them every time.

    The two take a liking to each other. Madhu is keen to leave her home to go with Ten while her father wants Ten to be bumped off. He thus pays a supari to Ten's boss to finish Ten off.

    Ten and Madhu come to the city. Ten is jobless and is unable to look after Madhu.

    The gang is after him and the police are also after him. He has the responsibility of ensuring Madhu's safety. Does he succeed in ensuring his girl's safety? Does the girl prove lucky to the gang?

    Yogish has played his role well but it is debutante Madhubala who walks away with all the acting honours by playing the innocent girl so perfectly. Rangayana Raghu is seen differently.

    Suri's cinematography and A M Neel's music are good.

    Though the narration is quite slow, the film is engaging and a good attempt.

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