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Mumbai Police

Released On: May 03, 2013

Mumbai Police narrates the story of three close friends: City Police Commissioner Faran, Mattancherry Assistant Commissioner Aryan John Jacob and Ernakulam Assistant Commissioner Antony Moses. These police officers are a cause of nightmare to the mafia and the underworld of Kochi city. The media calls these fearless and efficient officers Mumbai Police because even though they are in Kochi, they all have some sort of connection with Mumbai.


  • Genre: ThrillerDrama
  • Director:Roshan Andrews
  • Cast:Prithviraj, Rahman, Anoop Menon, Meera Nandan, Aparna Nair, Captain Raju, Kunchan , Riyaz Khan, Mukundan, Krishna Kumar
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    By Paresh C Palicha Published: May 07, 2013

    The success of a suspense thriller depends on whether the viewer can put together the clues scattered in the narrative when the suspense is revealed in the end. Mumbai Police, the new film directed by Rosshan Andrrews, does just that.

    Written by the duo Bobby and Sanjay, this movie has a lot going for it apart from the mystery. The performances of the leading trio, of Prithviraj, Jayasurya and Rahman, for example.

    Antony Moses (Prithviraj) is a daredevil police officer who has lost his memory after a fatal road accident. His friend and superior Farhan (Rahman) insists that he continue in his job and close the case he was investigating before the mishap, by keeping his amnesia a secret from others.

    The case Antony was involved in is the murder of his close friend and colleague Aaryan John Jacob (Jayasurya). As Antony pieces together the murder mystery, he does the same for his past; layers get added to the suspense and characters get sharper with every moment

    The list of suspects includes the Maoists based in Andhra Pradesh and the officers of the Armed Forces based in Kochi who have a history of indulging in scuffles with the local police.

    In addition to the murder mystery, this film also tells the story of the friendship between the three leading men. They are nicknamed the Mumbai Police by the local media as they had served in the police force of that metro.

    Of the three, Antony is the most reckless and violent. He will go to any lengths to nail an opponent and has his own code of ethics.

    Aaryan has got his IPS tag by virtue of being the scion of a rich and reputed family. His father thought having a police officer in the family would enhance its standing in society.

    Farhan is the most silent and thoughtful of the three; we do not get much of his background except that he is married to Antony's sister.

    Most of the story is told in the dialogues between characters with very little action; one might almost use the much-abused term 'lagging' to describe the film’s plot. But one’s patience is rewarded at the end.

    This film is all about male bonding. This does relegate the female characters to the background, but they have their moments. Aparna Nair (who plays Antony's subordinate, Rakhi Menon) and débutante Hima Davis as Aaryan's fiancée, Rebecca, make good use of their few moments under the arclights.

    Prithviraj carries on his good form from Ayalum Njanum Thammil and Celluloid. Here he has to be confused and unsure of himself at one moment and diligent and arrogant the next.

    Jayasurya does not get any scenes where he can make the audience jump out of their seats he is consistently good.

    Rahman has to be silent and hide his real emotions with the needle of suspicion always pointed towards him. He does an extraordinarily good job of it.

    Mumbai Police is good and will make history for its interesting story.

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