Anil Kumar TV

Anil Kumar TV

CEO at Dhanush Infosol Pvt. Ltd.
Bengaluru Area, India | Information Technology and Services

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Anil Kumar TV

CEO being responsible for Strategic Planning and Decisions, Business Development, Manage different SBUs and Business Verticals, HR etc.


CEO,Taking care of Business Growth, Strategic Decisions, New Verticals and SBUs in terms of Information Technologies like Networking, Securities, Corporate Mailing, Turn Key Projects, IT Infrastructure Deployment, IT Consultation, AMCs, IMS, CRM etc.,Dhanush Infosol Pvt. Ltd.

COO,Dhanush Infosol Pvt. Ltd.


IT Infrastructure Management Services, IT Infrastructure Deployment, IT Consultation, CRM, Corporate Mailing, Networking, Turn Key Projects, IT Securities, ISP etc.


Strategic Planning, Organisational Development, Professional Networking, Reading, Swimming, Spirituality, Digital Photography etc.

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