Dr. Manikantan Menon

Dr. Manikantan Menon

promotes 'Holistic well-being' thru a blend of 1) Ayurveda, 2) Music and 3) Indian Spiritual Knowledge & Practices
Bengaluru Area, India | Health, Wellness and Fitness

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Dr. Manikantan Menon


When the husk is removed and the space within the coconut is revealed or just as the restless wave settles back to the comforts of its ocean, so does one experience blossoming, when one comes in touch with the hollow and empty space within. Glorifying such harmony and depth in his compositions, Dr. Manikantan has come out with a unique rendering of powerful customized new age bhajans.

Presenting the world, with the hollow space, the depth and the vastness of the ocean within an hour-long melodious bhajans - Manikantan 's rendering kindles devotion and connectivity to one's being. In his satsangs the participants invoke the presence of their Master Sri Sri Ravishankar.

A musician, a father, an Ayurvedic physician and an Art of Living teacher, Dr. Manikantan has successfully played these roles, in his real life. His performances have been captured and made availabl to you through numerous titles in VCD format world-wide.

His new notes of melodious bhajans will now guide us through yet another meditative evening.


Singer & Music Composer,Composed many popular bhajans being sung in The Art of Living world-wide satsangs/ bhajan concerts,Sumeru Sandhya, Ved Vignan Mahavidyapeeth

Faculty,Conduct Part-1 seminars of The Art of Living, for the overall personality development of an individual, a program designed to de-stress and rejuvenate human mind and body through the ancient wisdom and Yogic practices.

Conducted "TAAL" (The Ayurveda-Art of Living) comprised of Semi-Advanced course of The Art of Living meditation techniques and Ayurveda- Panchakarma and Life-style seminars, a week-long complete retreat for the body, mind and spirit,Vyakti Vikas Kendra India (The Art of Living)

Faculty,Art Of Living Foundation (AOL)

Faculty,The Art of Living International Centre, Bangalore

Trainer,Had been fortunate to be instrumental in setting up the Ayurvedic wing of The Art of Living in India, that later on developed into a full-fledged establishment called "Sri Sri Ayurveda".

Started as an Ayurvedic practitioner in 1996, later on moved into setting up the Panchakarma Centre, which is now a fully-functional Ayurvedic Spa, and further into manufacturing Ayurvedic classical and proprietary medicines (which is now a presrigious, GMP-certified, one of the best-of-its-kind Ayurvedic Medicine Manufacturing Factory in India with hundreds of outlets all over the world)

Travelled in west as well as east to practice Ayurveda and spread the awareness about this wonderful science of India.

Presently, focusing on training physicians and Ayurvedic technicians and therapists, as well as promotional activities like seminars and awareness camps on Ayurveda.,Sri Sri Ayurveda


Instrumental in setting up Sri Sri Ayurveda in The Art of Living

Had been Secretary in a film society based in Trivandrum. Conducted film based seminars and discussions.

Had been Executive Secretary of a society for arts and films in Trivandrum.

Worked as Assistant Director/ Editor/ Director in short films.

Received training in Computer 3D graphics & animation


Seva (service to humanity), satsang, composing & listening to music, singing, playing flute, Yoga & Ayurveda training, technology & machines, gadgets, movies (watching & making), drawing, travel, adventure, creative and imaginative activities including craft work, carpentry, and so on...

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