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Monisha Hajra

Founder at ScientiaBio
Bengaluru Area, India | Education Management

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Monisha Hajra

I think twice before I write my professional experience. I consider myself as "Jack of all trades, but master of none". In one hand I can tell you what enzyme one should add to get crystal clear apple juice, less bitter sweetlime juice, a crystal clear wine, beer; on the other hand what type of natural compound one should choose to discover a drug against uterine cancer and many other diseases, also which docking software is the best, yet freely available. Just to add on the list someone who can give you couple of hours non stop lecture on Clinical Research industry, various subjects that these industry is based upon and career opportunities in this domain.
Some people dont like me because I dont have a "PhD" degree. Yet, I am a successful trainer of more than 1000 hours training experience in various domain of Bioinformatics and published research work in best international conferences. But some people really likes me for my knowledge, commitment, professionalism, desire to achieve something of my own (I feel extremely satisfied when I work as entrepreneur, because it leads me to thousands of challenges).

I felt extremely glad recently when one of the dignified Biotech professor of Bangalore introduced me one VC as " meet the most dynamic young bioinformatics sensation of Bangalore".


Founder,ScientiaBio offers academic and corporate training in the domain of Boinformatics, Biotechnology and Clinical Research. We also offer online LIVE training in various basics and advanced Bioinformatics topics and Clinical Research. Protein Structure and Modelling, Computer Aided Drug Design, Microarray Data Analysis, Systems Biology, Immuno Bioinformatics, Bio-statics are the couple of topics in which we conduct training at regular interval. We are first organization in Asia who are conducting Online training on regular basis.

We also offer our service in the domain of Bioinformatics especially in the area of Computer Aided Drug Design and also in the domain of Protein Science especially enzymes.
At present we are also helping CRO to implement CDSIC in their data management team.,ScientiaBio


Computer Aided Drug design, career opportunities in various domain of life sciences (both academic and industry), entrepreneurship.


Corporate training in various field of computational biology and clinical research,
Keep updating myself in my field, learning the best possible software in my domain

Looking forward for business collaboration with regard to Bioinformatics work and corporate training in the various domain of clinical research

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