Natesh M

Natesh M

Vice President at Sheth Developers Pvt. Ltd.
Bengaluru Area, India | Real Estate

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Natesh M

Real Estate Expertise for the complete spectrum of project planning, liaison legal and technical analysis, launch, marketing and sales, handover and fulfilment of business objectives across entire cycle - with preset financial goals / brand equity management.

Adherence to all relevant Project Development Bye-Laws and permissions / clearances - to fully ensure transparency and trust-building across bankers, customers and all appropriate authorities.

Have immense critical insights necessary for fair trade practices - to win high networth transactions and documentation / due diligence and processes ahead for engineering and marketing coordination.

Managing large teams across disciplines - for concurrent alignment of activity and faster execution. Focussing strongly on EQ based marketing - for internal group dynamics and external customer management.

Consistency and adaptability - with a clear emphasis on learning for positive growth and coordinated achievements - for collective success.


Vice President,Leading Results for large format (25 – 300 acres) Land Acquisition and Co-Development opportunities in Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad, and secondary cities in South India. For diversified mixed-use Development in residential / commercial / retail / IT SEZ development options.

Conducting incisive legal reviews / interactions with landlords / agents / IPCs across cities to arrive at clear-title property negotiations, with favorable financial feasibility analysis. Applying architectural / structural and local building bye-laws / zonal land-usage classification understandings for project viability.

Hard Bargaining and critical negotiations with land owners for derived corporate benefits within multilevel options, strategies and concluding project feasibility with high ROI and IRR.,Sheth Developers Pvt. Ltd.


Project Feasibility assessment - from legal / technical and marketability parameters. Strategic Negotiation skills for finalisation of land acquisition / joint development / joint ventures / SPVs etc.

Other activities include Yoga and Meditation, spiritual advancement processes, Reading business non-fiction, short picnics and long conversations.... !


Real Estate Development. Projects Marketing and process management. Investors portfolio management in Realty. Self - Development. Management of teams and ...Chaos Management !!

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