Prof(CAPT) Nagaraj

Prof(CAPT) Nagaraj

Professor, Alliance Business School
Bengaluru Area, India | Education Management

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Prof(CAPT) Nagaraj

As a navigator & sea Captain, I saw life, humans and nature at close quarters and experienced the best and worst of all three. That is what, I think made my career at sea, both exciting and very cherishable. When you deal with humans at such close quarters, as you do on a ship, you realize that humans are not ‘resources’ but entities of immense potential, that if harnessed well, will be productive but if treated just as ‘resources’ or ‘talent’ will eventually behave like commodities & not as humans.
I think organizations are facing a crisis of sorts, because they continually look at bottom lines, in which they have neatly encapsulated ‘human resources’.
Port development and dredging are niche industries. I consulted in the area for a couple of years, post which I’ve taken to academia and lecture on Human Resource Management, while trying to talk about the human angle in my ‘culture’ classes.
As they say, the journey goes on…………………..
My goal:
Short term: To complete my PhD.
Long term: To visit those parts of the world that I’ve not been to & possibly write a book on management where the human criteria precedes the resource or talent criteria in handling of humans in organizations.

My Credo:

You have enemies? Good. That means you’ve stood up for something, sometime in your life.


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Lead Auditor ( Quality ),I'm part of the audit team that drives the Quality Manangement System, at ABS ( ISO 9001:2008 ).,Alliance Business School

Professor,Professor - HRM, my areas of interest include HRM, OB, International HR and Cross Cultural Management.,Alliance Business School


Master Mariner with a specialization in Dredging Technology & MBA ( HR).
Navigator/Dredge Master/Professor/Consultant/Maritime Safety & Security
• Internal Auditor International Safety Management- Ships- Certified to audit ships of any class and size.- Indian Register of Shipping.
Lead Auditor ( ISO 9001 )
Ship Safety ( ISPS )
Marine Communication ( GMDSS )
Fleet Management System ( Oracle )

As an academic my core areas are Org.Behavior/Cross Cultural Management and International HRM.


management training, sports, movies, reading history.

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