Vishweshwar Hosadu Srinivas

Vishweshwar Hosadu Srinivas

Chairman & CEO, Flamingo Advisory India Pvt Ltd
Bengaluru Area, India | Financial Services

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Vishweshwar Hosadu Srinivas

My experience revolve around Business and Entrepreneur Development. Brining clarity to Vision and Devising plan for successful conversion of Vision into great business. Creating good Valuation for your company, Business connections


Chairman and CEO,Flamingo Advisory India Pvt Ltd, a boutique business strategic and investment-consulting firm, defines, designs and delivers strategic business and financial solution services.
Flamingo Advisory offers:
Business Development Partner (BDP)
Funding Assistance
Short-term (Debts)
Long-term (Equity)
Import-Export of Goods and Services
International Marketing
Corporate Advisory Services,Flamingo Advisory India Pvt Ltd.,


Finance, Raising Capital, Institutional Loans, Capital Market, International Marketing, Import-Export, Investment Advisory, Valuation


Entrepreneur Development – Orientation for big business, strategy, funding assistance, Capital and Market planning, International marketing, Import-Export, Capital Market, Finance

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